Smart Roby lets you manage all automated processes within your organization from a single portal, from the moment they are hosted in the solution. Designed to integrate perfectly with your Information System (IS), Smart Roby enables the business to manage each process directly from its screens for a simplified user experience.

Thanks to our Process Management feature, you can manage and control all the automated processes hosted in Smart Roby from our portal. In this screen you have access to simple configuration (such as the choice of the name of the process or its description), the real-time launch of the process but also to more advanced management such as the planning of the executions of your processes over time.

All your processes integrated into a single portal

Smart Roby integrates with various systems (ERP, messaging system, partner interfaces, etc.) via Web APIs to enable you to manage all your hosted processes from a single portal. So you can centralize the management of all your processes, regardless of the RPA technology used. Our solution was developed in partnership with leading RPA tool providers (BluePrism, Abbyy, UiPath, Nice) to offer you an advanced and robust level of smart automation. The management of the different robots is done in a completely transparent and integrated manner in Smart Roby regardless the supplier

Advanced planning for your automated processes

With Smart Roby, you can plan the execution of your processes according to your processing needs. Whether you want to run the processes in a daily, weekly or monthly manner, Smart Roby alows you to define personalized schedules to bring value to your business teams and optimize the use of your licenses.

Audit and Control your automated processes

Auditing the execution history of each process is essential to ensure their proper management. With Smart Roby, you can thus visualize all the executions of the automated processes in a dedicated screen.

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