Smart Roby offers a clear and visual dashboard for your intelligent automation to manage your automated processes and directly measure the profitability of your project. Thanks to the reliable ROI and the performance indicators, you are now able to monitor the payback value of your smart automation projects in a simple and detailed manner.

Smart Roby offers you a clear dashboard to visualize the key performance indicators (KPI) of your processes. This dashboard gives you the ability to filter the indicators over a period of your choice (whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually) in order to have a global view or a more detailed over a given time.

Data processing is synchronized with all RPA orchestrators and centralized in your Smart Roby dashboard to give you a concrete and up-to-date view of the performance of your process.

Visualize the “Payback” value of your intelligent automation processes

In the dashboard offered by Smart Roby, you directly view the ROI indicators, time saving and the point of payback to validate the profitability of your investment and establish reporting for management. You can also directly analyze the performance of various automated processes by processing data indicators such as the number of executions, the number of exceptions that have occurred, the success and exception rates, etc.

Processes easily managed by the Business

The Smart Roby dashboard also gives you direct access to some key functionalities of the Robot As a Service solution: exception management, execution schedules and visualization of the last activities that have taken place on your portal, etc.

Thanks to the detailed management of user rights, you can finely define the information and activities accessible by your teams. You can thus give back control to the business to easily manage their automated processes which will support them in their daily life.

Thanks to the direct access to all your processes, you can initiate a process directly from your dashboard.

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