A solution designed by novelis A turnkey solution to make automation accessible to all organizations. carcle alt alt alt SMART ROBY

Manage your processes in a simple and centralized way

Using RaaS model, Smart Roby will enable you, through a business-oriented interface, to manage the automated processes configured specifically for your organization. You will also be able to access our self-service data extraction and automation APIs. Administration is simplified and all the operations that could be carried out with your RPA robots can be done from the platform in a very intuitive way. You will be able to: configure, plan, schedule, resume or stop your processes, manage and handle exceptions, monitor your production KPIs by simply logging into the portal.
  • Dashboard
  • Process Management
  • Exceptions
  • Process Assessment
  • Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Tutorials
  • Adminsitration

Smart Automation is finally accessible!

Interested in RPA? Structuring the data of your Information system is challenging and for that reason you are studying OCR and would like to use NLP algorithms? You would like to switch to Smart Automation, but the step seems too high in terms of budget and technology? We conceptualized, designed, created and deployed Smart Roby to remove all the obstacles that an organization, regardless of its size, might encounter in setting up the tools necessary for the operation of Smart Automation.

An economic model

based on the consumption of APIs and processes.


Interfacing with your IS

Smart Roby can be connected to your ERP and other systems


SaaS model

Smart Roby is available on AWS and OVHCloud



Smart Roby is based on leading solutions for RPA, OCR and NLP

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Assess the relevance and the Potential ROI of automating your processes before launching your Smart Automation - RPA project

Smart Roby desktop and mobile
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    Can the action be performed by a non-human?

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    Time Consumption

    How much time does it take to complete your process (daily, monthly, …)?

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    Does the process have to handle a lot of exceptions that require human intervention?

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    IT Environment

    What are the integration constraints and dependencies to be taken into account?

  • "Digital players have the responsibility to ensure that digital innovations are accessible to all organizations, regardless of their size. This accessibility is measured in terms of cost and complexity of implementation. It is the choice that we have done at Novelis, since our creation, through platforms intended to democratize access to smart automation solutions. Smart Roby is the perfect example."

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  • "Les acteurs du digital ont la responsabilité de faire en sorte que les innovations technologiques soient accessibles pour toutes les organisations, peu importe leur taille. Cette accessibilité se mesure tant en termes de coût que de complexité de mise en œuvre. C’est le choix que nous avons fait chez Novelis, et ce depuis notre création, à travers des plateformes destinées à démocratiser l’accès aux solutions de Smart Automation. Smart Roby en est le parfait exemple."

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